Tema za esej

Tema za esej je sljedeća:

Some people believe that computers are more a hindrance than a help in today’s world. Others feel that they are such indispensable tools that they would not be able to live or work without them.

Napišite esej koji sadrži od 200-250 riječi. Esej treba imati uvod, glavni dio i završetak.

Budući da je pisanje uključuje mnoge vještine, molim vas da detaljno proučite smjernice navedene na Moja matura

Posebnu pažnju obratite na:

  • Izbor vokabulara – pokušajte ne ponavljati iste riječi, već se prisjetite sinonima
  • Gramatičke strukture – glagolska vremena i slaganje glagolskih vremena, kondicionalne rečencie, upotreba članova
  • Riječi i izrazi koji se koriste za povezivanje sadržaja (transition words). Ovdje smo nabrojali neke.


Transition words

  1. Numerical: to begin with, in the first (second, third…) place, for a start, to start with, first of all, secondly, thirdly
  2. Conclusion: to conclude with, as a final point, finally, in the end, at last, lastly, eventually
  3. Continuation: before this, subsequently, previously, eventually, then, next, afterwards, after (this)…
  4. Summation: in summary, to sum up, therefore, all in all, overall, so, thus, then, in sum
  5. Addition: also, and, too, moreover, furthermore, in fact, actually, what is more, in fact
  6. Introduction: such as, for example, for instance, as, like, especially, including, in particular
  7. Reference: considering (this), concerning (this), regarding (this), with regards to (this)
  8. Emphasis: besides, even more, above all, more importantly
  9. Cause and reason: for, as, since, because
  10. Effect/result: consequently, as a result, therefore, so, because of (this)

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